Spanking of Teenagers in the U.S

Spanking of Teenagers in the U.S

Did you know that teenage spanking is legal in all the U.S states? Most people do not view it as abusive. However, if the spanking leads to bruises or a red bottom, then it is seen as physical abuse which is illegal.

Generally, parents spank their children as a way of disciplining them. They do it to prevent the child from repeating the mistake. Some of them even allow teachers to spank them in school. However, according to a research published by the Canadian Medical Association Journal, spanking is not an effective way of disciplining children; it can actually impair long-term development.

Dealing with teenagers can be difficult. Most of them are very rebellious and unwilling to listen. That is why some parents find spanking necessary. Of all the other methods of discipline, spanking is the least popular in the U.S. According to data published by PewResearchCentre, only 4% of U.S parents resort to spanking.

It has been proven that spanking does more harm than good. The child may become even more aggressive to the parents and the siblings.

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