Caning in South African schools

Caning in South African schools

Corporal punishment is a form of caning and whipping that may strike pain and cause physical and mental harm to an individual. It has been in existence for the last few decades. Teachers have been blamed severally for the act.Throughout the apartheid years, whipping and caning were the most regular kind of punishment handed over to students.

South Africa’s education system was based on violent and anti-democratic philosophy. Black students were never considered to become authoritative and influential members of the community. They were just educated to be workers who had to have a low source of income.

Students in South African schools would be punished for minor wrongdoings. These included lack of knowledge for answers, coming in late from breaks, not doing homework and even making noise in their classrooms. Students would be punished by being slapped, kicked, pinched and spanked. Gay spanking videos have attempted to recreate this type of punishment. They would also be whipped on delicate places like head using hard objects like sticks, metal rods and rulers.

Other forms of punishment including forcing students do excises past their limits and discarding students from taking meals.In September 1997, The South African government put an end to corporal punishment though 20 years later it still occurs. Legal action would be given to the culprits who did not adhere to the laws.

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