Did you know that teenage spanking is legal in all the U.S states? Most people do not view it as abusive. However, if the spanking leads to bruises or a red bottom, then it is seen as physical abuse which is illegal. Generally, parents spank their children as a way of disciplining them. They do it to prevent the child from repeating the mistake. Some of them even allow teachers to spank them in school. However, according to a research published by the Canadian Medical Association Journal, spanking is not an effective way of disciplining children; it can actually impair long-term development. Dealing with teenagersRead More →

Corporal punishment is a form of caning and whipping that may strike pain and cause physical and mental harm to an individual. It has been in existence for the last few decades. Teachers have been blamed severally for the act.Throughout the apartheid years, whipping and caning were the most regular kind of punishment handed over to students. South Africa’s education system was based on violent and anti-democratic philosophy. Black students were never considered to become authoritative and influential members of the community. They were just educated to be workers who had to have a low source of income. Students in South African schools would beRead More →

It really is interesting to learn that there are so many different countries that have so many different rules when it comes to disciplining children, especially in schools. Some countries still allow teachers to discipline teachers by using the cane and spanking them, while others have not allowed that for many years now. Here, we take a look at some of the places that do still allow spanking, as well as some of the places that have stopped it. We will talk through the pros and cons for both cases and let you decide whether you think it is right to still spank children inRead More →